Je Suis Mia

Sunday, August 14, 2005

i can't wait to show u more about Taiwan,it's really beautiful as u saw,this is just a little part of it,at that moment,everything seems stop,stopping by the air,stopping by the lights,it's silent,u only can hear ur own heart beep.
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it's like they were never see "tatoo".like something grown on something...u know what do i mean?
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the guy in the pic is my navy consin Simon,he is really big guy,he is 186CM i think,and his wife is 170 something Cm,so i would imaging there kid will be hug too. at Aug.11,he sent me an msg said that his son was born as a "hug hot dog",named:Allen. i made this card for them,sure they going to be a very sweet family!!:)
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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

well,don't doubt,this is my ass.before i will never call my ass "ass",but now i learned more "american talk"my mouth got more dirty, let me tell you more about my ass,"she" is from my MA,and her mother keeps telling her,one day she will be like her's, big,so i am gonna keep this memory,i believe one day i gonna miss it.miss the size of it!!
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i always want to be a surper man,coz seems i could be more day i saw a boy in Taipei,he really dress like that.and playing around.can u believe that?Taiwan got little one.
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sometimes,i am not for sure where i am ,sometimes i just stay there.
And i am not the guy in the pics.
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c'est la vie!
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Monday, May 30, 2005


Maybe 'cause I didn't sign on for a long time, I lost all I did before, which wasn't much. So,today, is a new start. Everything just Re-started.
I don't want hide what i feel or what i think, here is real me!

Je suis Mia!!
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